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Jan. 1st, 2011

jen reading


(no subject)

SPN is now TIED 50/50 with Castle. Come on guys, after TVGuide, we can do better than this!

GO VOTE: www.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/b218064_whats_best_tv_show_of_2010_vote_in.html

You can vote as many times as you want!

Dec. 22nd, 2008

Jensen It's okay


Gingerbread Restricted J2

Gingerbread - a Jensen and Jared Christmas story.

Authors: candygramme and sharonmarais

Word count: 15,013

Rating: R

Warning: slash

Beta by marys_scribbles

Authors' notes: Please have your insulin ready. The boys are sweet, very sweet


Jan. 23rd, 2008

omgyay by like_cheap_wine


and that's a wrap!

Guys, I think that maybe, possibly, spn_holidays v.2007 has come to an end. *weeps* So, in honor of that, I have a few things I wanted to do:

First, I'd like you all to turn your attention to the right hand side of the community layout page, and notice that there are Tags there now, with ALL of 2007 - from the fic to the vids to the art to the teasers - all nicely checked and marked and coded for your viewing pleasure. The fics are also tagged by genre - het, gen, slash, crossovers, etc - and for all of this we have the lovely titti to thank. YAY! Thank you so much!!

Now, next year, we're going to make a few changes, the first one being that anything and EVERYTHING is going to get tagged right from the get go. I'm also going to be working on some kind of data system (hopefully!) which will match people up based on interests, likes and dislikes, etc, in a hopefully more efficient way than, well, ME printing out forty two pages of comments and doing it by hand. *facepalm*

But! In the meantime, I'd love your suggestions! Anything you think we're doing good on or bad on, any things you've maybe seen in other fic exchanges or other lj communities - anything at all! - please drop them here in a comment. All comments are screened, so feel free to tell me your deepest, darkest fic desire *g*

Also, if I somehow screwed up and you still have NOT gotten a gift, PLEASE let me know here in a comment at well. I tried to keep up with the last stragglers, but I've been a bit flighty lately and might have missed someone. I don't want anyone not getting a gift and coming away from this with any ill feelings at all, so again, please let me know if you've somehow been left out.

All right! Again, drop any suggestions you'd like in the comments, and until next year, have a great one!!


Jan. 20th, 2008

glee: Chris is composed.


Final gift for lazy_daze (part two)!

Second half of Dirty Up Your Conscience. Notes and such can be found on the first post.

Dirty Up Your Conscience, NC-17. (Second half.)Collapse )
glee: Chris is composed.


Final gift for lazy_daze.

This post is split into two parts to accommodate its length, so remember to click the link at the end of the first half! :D

Title: Dirty Up Your Conscience
Author: Gin (backinblack)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/Sam (plus Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC, and Dean/Sam/OFC).
Summary: Demons lie, except for when they tell the truth.
Notes: Written for lazy_daze for the spn_holidays challenge. She asked for: 4 - Wincest; Dean REALLY getting turned on by thinking about Sam having sex with girls; featuring detailed jerk-off sessions while fantasising and/or voyeurism (so het is obviously okay), and preferably leading to actual Wincest. Pluses include top!Sam, hints of dom!Sam. Hope I fulfilled at least part of what you were looking for. You had some fab prompts, and I waffled forever trying to choose one! Thanks to couchemal for the mid-fic advice and nitpicking, to cormallen for the fab mid-fic beta, and finally thanks to unjealous for infecting me with her genius and pretty much co-writing sections of the fic.

Dirty Up Your Conscience, NC-17. (First half.)Collapse )

Jan. 16th, 2008

Extra Onions


Final Gift for redshoeson !

Title: Devil’s Rendezvous [Supernatural, Het, 1/1, 12,000 words]
Characters: Meg Masters, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, YED, John Winchester, Bobby Singer
Pairings: Sam/Meg
Spoilers: Scarecrow, Shadow, Salvation, Devil’s Trap
Rating/ Warnings: NC-17 / explicit sexual encounters, language, violence, gore, character death
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and others (but not me). No infringement or disrespect intended.

Notes: Written for the spn_holidays gift exchange for redshoeson: Meg/Sam - AU in which Meg doesn't die after the exorcism.  I’m going to ask for some suspension of disbelief, gentle readers.  In this AU, Meg didn’t suffer a fatal injury-type fall at the end of Shadow, nor did her ‘brother’ shoot her with the fake Colt in Salvation (Let’s pretend she shot the brother, OK?  OK?).  My deepest thanks to [info]bitter_crimson, [info]l_vera01, [info]girlfan1979, and [info]sadelyrate, who all saw some incarnation or other of this story and offered invaluable comments and sound advice.  Thank you so much, ladies!  All remaining mistakes are my own.

redshoeson, I'm very sorry it's so late!  I've had some health problems and this story kicked my ass repeatedly, but I sort of love it… I hope you do too.  Happy, uh… National Religious Freedom Day?

Summary: Meg lives, and everything changes.

(Sam’s disgusted with his father for never teaching them about Bobby’s demon roach motel—a Devil’s Trap, he calls it—never even copied one down in that journal of his.)

Link to the story at my journal... please note that the story is broken into sections due to length, and that the post with the truly NC-17 portion of the story is labeled Explicit Adult Content.

Josh Hartnett


Final Gift for koulagirl666

Title: Proud of You
Author: lostandalone22
Written for: koulagirl666
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1005
Summary: John sees something that makes him proud of Sam, but he never tells him.
Beta'd by: onci_dium
Disclaimer: The boys do not belong to me.

story under cutCollapse )

Jan. 15th, 2008



Final Gift for cathybites

Title: The Larks, Still Bravely Singing
Author: kajikia
Pairing/Rating: Sam/Dean, NC-17
Length: 3,350 words
Summary: World War II AU "It is well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it." – Robert E. Lee

For cathybites, who requested ANYTHING - involving Sam, Dean, and lots of rough, dirty sex [...] A historical AU would be awesome.

The Larks, Still Bravely Singing
life is random


An Extra Final Gift for vinylroad

Title: The Waitress
Gift for: vinylroad
Artist: xingou
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Dean/Waitress
Warnings: It's pretty vanilla for hot sexin'.
Summary: Dean went home with the waitress and left Sam stranded in the parking lot of the diner; now he can't seem to enjoy himself fully. What a shame.
Artist Notes: I am starting to get used to drawing explicit scenes. \o/ Girls are way harder than guys though, or maybe I just need more practice. Please feel free to leave me constructive criticism on my technique. I want to get better. :P Many, many thanks to eclectic05, midnitemaruad_r, and adorkable37 for beta'ing and helpful ideas. You guys rock.

(Gift Art for Vinylroad!)

Jan. 14th, 2008

dean looks up (clown)


quick update!!

Hey all! We're at the point of the last few fics that will be trickling in between now and Wednesday (boo!) so if you're still waiting, please just have a wee bit more patience! Your gift shall be here soon!


In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone thinks they might have some spare time to do some tagging for me on the comm? I'd love to get all of this year's fic and vids and such (and possibly last years as well) all tagged and organized, but I lack time and general tagging know-how so I'm kind of, well, poking around to see if anyone would have some time to help out with this. So if you're free and would like to maybe do some tagging, please comment here and I'll get back to you in a day or so!

Also, after the final fics go up I'm going to have a suggestion post with comments screened to see if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, etc for next years exchange, so please, if you have any thoughts for me, please get them ready in the next few days when the post goes up!

Ok, thanks all!


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