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omgyay by like_cheap_wine

estrella30 in spn_holidays

and that's a wrap!

Guys, I think that maybe, possibly, spn_holidays v.2007 has come to an end. *weeps* So, in honor of that, I have a few things I wanted to do:

First, I'd like you all to turn your attention to the right hand side of the community layout page, and notice that there are Tags there now, with ALL of 2007 - from the fic to the vids to the art to the teasers - all nicely checked and marked and coded for your viewing pleasure. The fics are also tagged by genre - het, gen, slash, crossovers, etc - and for all of this we have the lovely titti to thank. YAY! Thank you so much!!

Now, next year, we're going to make a few changes, the first one being that anything and EVERYTHING is going to get tagged right from the get go. I'm also going to be working on some kind of data system (hopefully!) which will match people up based on interests, likes and dislikes, etc, in a hopefully more efficient way than, well, ME printing out forty two pages of comments and doing it by hand. *facepalm*

But! In the meantime, I'd love your suggestions! Anything you think we're doing good on or bad on, any things you've maybe seen in other fic exchanges or other lj communities - anything at all! - please drop them here in a comment. All comments are screened, so feel free to tell me your deepest, darkest fic desire *g*

Also, if I somehow screwed up and you still have NOT gotten a gift, PLEASE let me know here in a comment at well. I tried to keep up with the last stragglers, but I've been a bit flighty lately and might have missed someone. I don't want anyone not getting a gift and coming away from this with any ill feelings at all, so again, please let me know if you've somehow been left out.

All right! Again, drop any suggestions you'd like in the comments, and until next year, have a great one!!