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Extra Onions

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Final Gift for redshoeson !

Title: Devil’s Rendezvous [Supernatural, Het, 1/1, 12,000 words]
Characters: Meg Masters, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, YED, John Winchester, Bobby Singer
Pairings: Sam/Meg
Spoilers: Scarecrow, Shadow, Salvation, Devil’s Trap
Rating/ Warnings: NC-17 / explicit sexual encounters, language, violence, gore, character death
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and others (but not me). No infringement or disrespect intended.

Notes: Written for the spn_holidays gift exchange for redshoeson: Meg/Sam - AU in which Meg doesn't die after the exorcism.  I’m going to ask for some suspension of disbelief, gentle readers.  In this AU, Meg didn’t suffer a fatal injury-type fall at the end of Shadow, nor did her ‘brother’ shoot her with the fake Colt in Salvation (Let’s pretend she shot the brother, OK?  OK?).  My deepest thanks to [info]bitter_crimson, [info]l_vera01, [info]girlfan1979, and [info]sadelyrate, who all saw some incarnation or other of this story and offered invaluable comments and sound advice.  Thank you so much, ladies!  All remaining mistakes are my own.

redshoeson, I'm very sorry it's so late!  I've had some health problems and this story kicked my ass repeatedly, but I sort of love it… I hope you do too.  Happy, uh… National Religious Freedom Day?

Summary: Meg lives, and everything changes.

(Sam’s disgusted with his father for never teaching them about Bobby’s demon roach motel—a Devil’s Trap, he calls it—never even copied one down in that journal of his.)

Link to the story at my journal... please note that the story is broken into sections due to length, and that the post with the truly NC-17 portion of the story is labeled Explicit Adult Content.